Scholarly Publications

(Underlined titles are linked to publication)


A Certain Type of Descriptive Representative?: Understanding How Skin Tone and Gender Influences Black Politics with Camille Burge and Rachel Cuomo.


Forthcoming at the Journal of Politics 

Not Set in Stone: Investigating the Determining Factors in Confederate Statue Removal with Chryl Laird, Ray Block, Andrea Benjamin, and Jared Clemons. PS: Political Science & Politics

Missing the Mark?- An Exploration of Targeted Campaign Advertising’s Effect on African American Political Engagement with Camille Burge and Chryl Laird. Politics, Groups, and Identities

The Power of Post Racial: An Exploration of Post-Racial Rhetoric’s Influence on Candidate Evaluations with Chryl Laird. Politics, Groups, and Identities 

Working Papers

(Underlined titles are links to drafts)

The Chosen One: How Community Commitment makes Certain Representatives More Preferable

Invited to Revise and Resubmit

We are One: Understanding the Maintenance of Black Democratic Party Loyalty. with Chryl Laird, Ismail White, and Corrine McConnaughy.

Invited to Revise and Resubmit


You Should Know Better- The Consequences of Descriptive Representation with Jared Clemons

A Model Threat- Understanding Racial Threat through White Attitudes towards Asians with Yangzi Zhao

Putting Represent back in Representative: Understanding Black Legislative Behavior with Casey Burgat, and Trey Billings



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